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An e-bike opens up a world of possibilities – start your electric journey with Red Kite Cycles

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Electric bikes have been around for a while but they’re becoming increasing popular as people discover just how much you can do with them. With an electric bike you can go further and faster, see more and love every minute of your ride. From leisurely rides around town, easy commuting, days out in the countryside or ripping up gnarly trails – there’s an e-bike to suit everyone’s style.

At Red Kite Cycles, we’ve been selling electric bikes since they entered the market and have helped many people select their perfect e-bike. We offer a wide range of premium electric bikes to suit any rider.

Our electric bikes are powered by the latest battery technology, making them reliable and long-lasting. As a trusted local bike shop, our e-bikes are backed up by the best warranty and technical support.

To begin your journey into electric bikes, scroll down to find out more about how e-bikes work, browse our range online, and book a test ride in store.

How do electric bikes work?

All UK legal electric bikes are ‘pedal assist’ – meaning the motor works when you turn the pedals. The motors are powered by batteries located on the down tube or integrated into the frame. Riders control their bikes with a simple controller or display which also shows key data about your speed and battery life.

Our range of e-bikes

E-bikes come in various different styles and we have them all! Ranging from comfortable shoppers to sporty leisure bikes, from rugged mountain bikes to light weight road bikes and city friendly folding bikes – there’s an e-bike bike to suit everyone.

Book a personal bike consultation & test ride

Our 1-1 consultations are the best way to get the most help and have the most fun choosing your new bike.

Our friendly and expert team will present you with a range of bikes and help you find one that’s perfect for you. You’ll be able to test ride different models to experience how different bikes feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly answer lots of questions about e-bikes, so we’ve pulled together the key ones to give you a head start.

If you’d still like to find out more, why not book a consultation slot with us at the shop.

Shop with confidence

Our electric bikes are made by world class bike designers and most models feature the highly respected Bosch motor and batteries. What’s more, the majority of our e-bikes come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and two years’ warranty on the battery and motor.

We provide a free service and safety check two months’ after purchase to adjust your bike and ensure your ongoing enjoyment of it.

Once you buy an electric bike, you can rest assured that our highly experienced team will be on hand to service and maintain your bike and answer any technical inquiries you may have.

We’ve been around for 30 years and are always happy to help people get the best out of their bike.