Workshop direct dial number: 0121 745 9047

Our skills

We pride ourselves on being able to do just about anything to any bike… our history includes a lot of one-off jobs for people with unique needs. All Red Kite staff understand bike engineering and design; five are Cytech trained mechanics with decades of bike-spannering experience. So you can be confident that the workshop is staffed by a group of highly experienced, qualified mechanics. We work quickly and fairly, making sure that you are charged for what you need and nothing more – and you’ll also get tips on looking after your bike so that you need our mechanics less!

You can also use your routine servicing as an opportunity to upgrade key components around either performance or bike fit. Speak to us about customising your riding and fit to see if you can turn your servicing into a total bike transformation.

Find out about The Gold Standard Strip and Rebuild Service in this short video

What we offer

  • We offer clearly priced workshop services that are both great value and of a high technically standard.
  • Our experienced mechanisms build each new bike with care and attention so that you will take away a safe and sound machine.
  • All new bikes receive a free six week safety check and service to ensure they are bedded in and running just as they should.
  • If you are not sure about the viability of repairing an older bike, we can give you an honest assessment – an MOT for your bicycle.
  • We do full suspension services and rebuilds on MTBs.
  • Wheel building is a special skill in our shop – we have a huge range of custom options.
  • Custom bike builds are a favourite for us as each one is different – we also do frame and group set swaps as your bike and riding evolves.
  • We can normally fix punctures within the hour (or two).
  • We can fit a whole range of accessories to either new bikes or ones you bring in for service; racks, mudguards, new bar tape, pedals, etc.

Booking in

We operate a booking system at all times to avoid you bringing your bike in when there is a big queue. Call the workshop on 0121 745 9047 to arrange a convenient time for drop off. Take note that we get busy when the spring arrives and especially so when the summer sun is shining; we therefore advise that you plan your servicing well in advance… don’t wait until the day before your holiday! The winter wait for the workshop is always less, so plan ahead if you have a bike that only goes out in the nice weather – aim to come in when we are quieter. All pricing is available on request from the shop, but there is a summary guide below.

Pricing summary

  • Bicycle MOT – a health check for your bike to check it is safe – £20
  • Standard Service – the ‘nose to tail service’ : full tune up, adjust and true – £50
  • Silver Service – the ‘degrease and regrease’ service, with clean and relubrication of all components –£90
  • Full Strip and Rebuild Gold Standard service – a total refresh of your bike, back to brand new – £150
  • All extra work on top of the standard services listed above is charged on a job by job basis.

Please note among everything we offer in the workshop, there is one service we cannot do – we are unable to fit parts and bits purchased on the internet. The reason for this is that warranty, public liability and insurance lies with us as the professionals last involved with the maintenance of your bike. When using our workshop services, our pricing of parts and accessories includes that warranty, insurance, peace of mind and professional back-up – unfortunately we can’t afford to give it away as the liability will remain with us.