Our independence enables your independence

Riding a bike is one of the most simple pleasures on the planet, and to maintain the bike’s performance it needs to be kept in tip-top condition, whilst fitting in with your needs and personal demands. To help you achieve this, Red Kite Cycles offers a broad range of quality accessories.

With our years of experience as riders and in the industry, we trawl the cycle shows and the trade fairs to bring you the best of what’s out there. We don’t have any particular manufacturer’s axe to grind, nor are we driven by one-off opinion based internet reviews – we use our independent status as a shop to listen and focus on the kit that survives the best, that functions to spec, and that delivers results. It works in a feedback loop – we are constantly learning from our customers and from our own riding.

So our independence supports your independence. We invest time and knowledge in filtering and reducing down the vast array of accessories to the most suitable and practical for use. In visiting the shop you will dip in to the wealth of knowledge we have put in to choosing accessories to support your riding – and the acid test is that these are the products that we all choose to use and that you often recommend back to us.

Your satisfaction is our ambition, so all our ranges are backed up by our high quality service warranty and guarantee standards. We believe that riding a bike should always be a happy place – good kit is one more factor in making sure that’s true!

Come and see us in store to have a browse or talk to one of the team.