Electric Bikes

A little extra boost can lead to huge possibilities. When you ride an e-bike there’s no place your legs can’t carry you. Ditch the daily traffic jam, get more exercise and feel good about treading lightly on the planet. And have lots of fun along the way.

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Motor build quality, the integration of batteries and motors into the frames have become our new standard: and we set high standards because our batteries and motors have a real life range of tens of thousands of miles. We believe that you should invest in quality and Red Kite Cycles is supplying some of the very best electric bikes available. We focus on quality, comfort, reliability and proper local service back-up.

Our electric bike offering includes the whole range of bike styles from hybrids and leisure bikes, through shoppers to mountain bikes and dedicated lightweight electric road bikes. Most of our bikes feature the ultra reliable, durable and respected Bosch motor and battery system.

Our electric bikes:

Trek Electra Vale Go!

Is a versatile and stylish electric bike. Featuring mudguards to keep you dry, lights to be seen and flat foot technology for added stability. Stop by the shop to experience the all new Vale Go!

It is first and foremost a bicycle: we understand that an electric bike is still just a bike for riding around. It is not “cheating” and it is not “pretend” cycling! These are real bikes of the best quality in their field … with a motor and battery system to help you out. They just help when you need it.

Trek Verve+

This might be the most comfortable e-bike you’ll ever ride. An upright riding position, cushy saddle and ergonomic grips keep you comfortable so you can focus on exploring the world around you.

We have diagnostic software to understand your motor and battery through its riding and charging cycles: when you come in for service we will be able to update you on your eBike’s condition and how to look after it to best effect.

Trek Allant+

This bike will change your life. You’ll go further and see more from your saddle. Every errand run becomes an excuse to ride. Long commutes become quick joyrides. Big hills become big fun. And your car becomes your back-up plan. Whatever you do, wherever you go, life’s bigger with Allant+.

We just have the best looking bikes… so when all is said and done and your bike is leaned up outside a café, it is going to give you a warm feeling. And that does matter; we won’t let any donkeys leave our store! And that’s because riding a bike is about enjoying yourself in comfort and style.

Trek Powerfly & Powerfly equipped

These trail-tough and commute-ready hardtails are built with dependable parts and the latest in e-MTB frame design and ready to take on everything from singletrack adventures to rugged daily commutes.

You get a lifetime warranty on all of our Trek eBike frames: Yes, they are designed and made to such a standard that we offer a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. You can put in the miles over the years in total confidence that we have all got your back. We like to think that the best bikes come from the best shops and our customers get the best warranty and service support. We are a proper, caring, local independent retailer.

Brompton Electric

The Brompton Electric is designed to change cities. It features a custom developed 250w motor and battery to ensure you arrive everywhere fresh while still folding down to the same size as a non-electric brompton.

Fantastic ranges of bikes from leisure hybrids (with and without suspension) to shopping bikes: We have mountain bikes for light path and trail riding and also for the meanest terrain out there. We like to think that we offer the best value at every price point. Don’t get seduced by Internet pricing – think about real world value, service standards and our technical support, and the bike that you are going to ride for years.

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