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Our philosophy has always been to sell quality bikes. And that includes for kids. We don’t think of their bikes as toys, but as the first step on their cycling journey. Buying a proper bike is investing in their future.

Trek Kickster
Trek Precaliber
20″, 24″ or 26″ WHEELS
Trek Roscoe
20″, 24″ or 26″ WHEELS
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We offer kids bikes from the first moments that children can consider riding. Starting with the Kickster balance bikes and running all the way through our 16”, 20”, 24” and 26” wheel sizes we have many years experience of putting children onto bikes that give years of fun and safe learning.
Your child is going to need a bike tuned to their particular size needs, and that means little cranks, small brake levers, and all the rest of it… and our bikes have all of that and more.
We offer bikes at various technical levels in any set size. Is your child ready for gears, do they need stabilisers or have they already been on a balance bike? We have bikes that answer those questions and your needs.
And when you browse our kids bike range you will see that we have junior versions of the grown up bikes, which means that you really are setting them right to follow in your footsteps. See the Precaliber which is the junior version of the adults’ Xcaliber and Procaliber, or the Junior Roscoe which is a titchy version of the Dad’s favourite…
Buying a high-quality Trek bike means it will work properly for years and that you can always plan for it to be handed down, or moved sideways through your family or friends.
And what happens when your child is starting to outgrow the kids’ sizes? Well our adult MTB bikes overlap in sizing to just the extent that you can put the children onto the smallest sizes of the “adult” bikes just at the age when they are leaving childish things behind. It’s always a touching moment when Mums and Dads see their child on their first adult spec bike – and it often happens earlier than they are expecting!

Trek Balance Bikes

Balance is everything when you’re learning how to ride, and Kickster is the perfect teaching tool for toddlers who are mastering this important skill. This kids’ balance bike doesn’t have pedals so balance is the only focus, plus it features a handle so you can support your little one while they get the hang of things. Kickster is ideal for kids who are roughly 86–102 cm tall.

Trek Precaliber

Precaliber is a rugged kids’ bike for young adventurers. It has an easy-to-handle frame, quality components and hand brakes that are perfectly sized to better fit small riders. Available in 12″, 16″, 20″ and 24″ wheel sizes.

Trek Wahoo

Wahoo is a lightweight, simple and practical kids’ hybrid bike that makes it easy for your little one to make the most of every ride. This versatile bike is built for ease of use. It’s our lightest bike, capable on a variety of surfaces and equipped with a 1×8 drive train and a wide range of gearing ready for wherever your little one roams. Available in 20″, 24″ and 26″ wheel sizes.

Trek Marlin

For kids approaching their teens the adult Trek Marlin in XXS or XS is an ideal choice for young riders who have moved up to the next level in size and riding ability. A brilliant all-rounder available in an awesome choice of colours.

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