Hybrid Bikes

If you want a bike for exercise, commuting, leisure rides or simply for nipping to the shops – a hybrid bike is the perfect choice.

Hybrids are so versatile and fun to ride, you’ll find yourself using yours every day.

All hybrid bikes have flat handlebars giving an upright riding position for confident riding on roads and exploring the world around you.

If you want to go further and faster, uphill or carry luggage without the sweat, an electric hybrid will give you that extra boost. Enjoy easy, natural feeling riding with the help of a reliable motor and long battery range.

Key Ranges


The fast and lightweight FX is swift on roads and pavements and tough enough to fly along canal towpaths and gravel routes.

With disc brakes for confident stopping in all weathers, the FX and can also be equipped with a luggage rack and mudguards for riding all year round.

Prices start at £515 for the FX 2.

Dual Sport

Dual Sport is a robust hybrid with a suspension fork and nobbly tyres. These bikes give a stable and comfortable ride on all types of surfaces from smooth roads, to bumpy and potholed lanes, dirt tracks and trails.

Dual Sport can be kitted out with mudguards and racks for carrying your stuff in all weathers.

The Dual Sport range starts at £600.

Electric Hybrid

Add more distance, speed and fun to your riding with an electric hybrid.

These comfortable e-bikes are easy to control wih pedal assist motors that kick in when you turn the pedals. You’ll feel like there’s an extra rider with you on the bike helping you go.

Our range of e-hybrids have reliable motors and long-range batteries that can take you anywhere between 30 and 100 miles on a single charge.