Trek Partnership Store

Red Kite is a Trek Partnership Store with unparalleled stock, experience and expertise in this premium bike manufacturer. This is a proud partnership between the best of bike builders and the best of local bike shops. Our customers benefit from 25 years of Red Kite Cycle’s experience and more than 40 years of Trek’s.

Trek bikes are legendary for their success in competition and for delivering great satisfaction for leisure riders. Underwritten by life-time warranties on the frame sets, Trek bikes are designed to bring the joy of cycling to the broadest possible audience.

At Red Kite Cycles we have direct experience of Trek’s success in providing quality bikes in a vast range to suit just about every need you, your friends or your family will have on a bicycle. It’s a range that will give you comfort, pace, robustness and value in just the measurement you require.

Trek Mountain Bikes

The mountain bike range tackles the many challenges of wheel size, price point and outright quality with aplomb. Throughout the series you will find a good-looking blend of value and rideability. Beyond that there is the Fuel range, the Remedy range and much more to satisfy your needs. Red Kite staff riders choose Trek for their versatility, value and build quality. Come to the shop and talk to us about your requirements: choosing the right mountain bike is about much more than spec level or price – it’s about who you are and your sense of adventure, commitment and risk. Choose the right steed and we believe you can expand your horizons.

Trek Road Bikes

Trek road bikes have won far too many accolades to list. The range runs all the way from ¬£750 upwards to give you a taste of just what keeps top athletes on a Trek. Fantastic comfort for a road bike couples with good value specifications and smart finishes; the bikes are quick and inspiring with great handling.  Trek provide male and female specific fits in their ranges – we can help with the complex art of getting you on the right size and spec of bike.

In road bikes have three main models (all of which are anagrams of each other)

  • Emonda – an¬†all purpose, lightweight road bike
  • Domane (pronounced Doe-marn-ay) – features sporting comfort and endurance¬†geometry
  • Madone (pronounced Ma-doe-n) – a high end, aerodynamic, speed merchant
Trek Emonda
Trek Domane
Trek Madone
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Trek Hybrid, Commuter, Leisure and Kids

Trek hybrids are clear winners for the cycling public. Understated urban styling matches with quality components to produce bikes that are easy on the eye, the wallet and the road.  You’ll find them fast, fun and efficient. They come with or without suspension and can be fitted with racks, mudguards and luggage to make your riding easier.

Trek children’s bikes are also a fantastic offer with a stylish suite of bikes that will inspire your children to ride and exercise from a young age. The bikes are reliable, good looking and sturdy; they will survive being handed down through families and on to friends and relatives. As an investment in your nippers, these bikes show your commitment to setting your child off on a virtuous path to being a life-long cyclist.

Trek believe that local bike shops are the heart and soul of cycling. And they make a point of only selling their bikes through the very best ones. We’re pleased they have faith in us, and we know we can help you make the right choice from our broad stock of these fine bikes.

To read the full details about Trek bikes and view their entire range, take a look at Trek Bikes.

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