Road Bikes

Red Kite Cycles offers total quality machines from £625 to the absolute peak of the market. With decades of trading as a local independent retailer we have the experience to select the very best bike that will take you where you want to go.

What is critical with road bikes is how they fit and their ride geometry; and we are a real-world shop that has bikes across the ranges that will maximise your efforts and keep you comfortable. We offer full local warranty and service support on just the nicest range of bikes.

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We have ridden a lot of road bikes ourselves and have decades of experience between us and tens of thousands of miles ridden! That’s a lot of genuine understanding and hard-won knowledge. And we are going to share it with you when you come in and choose a bike.
Ours is a popular and long-established independent shop: a lot of bicycle brands and manufacturers would love to have their bikes in Red Kite Cycles… so we are always in the privileged position to choose what we think best for our customers. You can trust our selection based on our decades of experience, local trading and happy Red Kite riders.
We have a long history in supporting women riders and offering women specific fit guidance and advice. We have a full range of women’s bikes from off the peg to full custom loveliness.
You get a lifetime warranty on all our Trek and Enigma bicycle frames. Yes, they are designed and made to such a standard that we offer a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. You can put in the miles over the years in total confidence that we have all got your back. We like to think that the best bikes come from the best shops and our customers get the best warranty and service support. We are a proper, caring, local independent retailer.
Fantastic ranges of bikes from aluminium all-rounders under £600 to World Championship winning Trek Madones – and everything in between. We offer the best value at every price point. Don’t get seduced by Internet pricing – think about real world value, our technical support, and the bike that you are going to ride for years.
Our bikes fit. Full stop. Nobody leaves the shop with the wrong sized bike, and we always offer our riders an initial set-up and fit service. And as you get onto our carbon, steel and titanium models we are happy to include a full fit service to our customers.
A truly diverse range of models for you to choose from. This is where our experience is really going to show and aid you in choosing the best bike for what you are going to do on it. You have to find the sweet spot of budget, ambition, tech spec and downright style! We start out by listening to what it is that you want to do on the bike and build from there.
We offer all frame technologies from the best sources: carbon fibre, aluminium, steel and titanium. We sell the whole range of Trek bikes, we are sole agents for Bullfinch handbuilt UK steel bikes, and we are one of Enigma’s longest-established specialist dealers for their UK titanium bikes. That’s the best of all technologies available to you.
We just have the best looking bikes… so when all is said and done and your bike is leaned up outside a café, it is going to give you a warm feeling. And that does matter; we won’t let any donkeys leave our store! And that’s because road riding is about effort, quality and style.


Trek Domane AL & AL disc

Domane AL is smooth, stable and confidence-inspiring. It’s perfect for new riders and anyone looking to upgrade to a versatile aluminium road bike built for a comfortable riding experience. The quality parts are ready to tackle fast group rides and longer adventures.

Trek Madone SL & SLR disc

Madone SL 7 Disc combines advanced aerodynamic performance and all-around ride quality with the quick and reliable shifting of an electronic drivetrain. It’s light, fast and incredibly sleek, and it comes with aero carbon wheels, a road-smoothing IsoSpeed decoupler and powerful hydraulic disc brakes that perform in any conditions.

Trek Émonda SL & SLR disc

Émonda ALR 5 Disc is a light and responsive road bike with an advanced alloy frame that gives it the sleek looks and handling of a far more expensive carbon bike. Paired with big upgrades on parts, like a dependable Shimano 105 drivetrain and powerful hydraulic disc brakes that stop in any weather, this bike is built to perform on club rides and races alike.

Trek Domane SL & SLR disc

Domane SL 4 Disc is the introductory carbon model in our road-smoothing family and offers incredible performance at great value. The OCLV Carbon frame has both Front and Rear IsoSpeed for unmatched ride quality that helps you stay stronger for longer. It also has an internal storage compartment for ride essentials and powerful disc brakes that give you wider tyre clearance and all-weather stopping power.


Bullfinch frames are engineered in the UK West Midlands from the world’s best steel tube components. Combining leading technology in CAD design and assembly techniques with elite component manufacture, Bullfinch produce outstanding bicycles from their factory in Solihull.


Enigma make simply beautiful bikes in titanium and steel. Combining old world craftsmanship with leading edge materials and construction methods, Enigma build elegant bikes that are a joy to ride. When we talk to the small and dedicated team down at Enigma what comes through is their passion (and then more passion) to produce the very finest bikes they can. Enigma is a growing British company, based in the glorious cycling countryside of East Sussex, building bikes by hand here in the UK and abroad.


For information and advice
Call: 0121 745 2618
Or visit us at: 2-4 Union Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 3DX