Cycle to work schemes

Save up to 39% on a new bike and accessories

At Red Kite Cycles we are big fans of the cycle to work initiative and we support a wide range of the schemes. The schemes allow you to purchase a new bike, or e-bike, tax free and spread the cost without extra fees.

The cost benefits of choosing to cycle between home and work are huge. Tickets, petrol, parking payments, maintenance costs, and congestion charge savings add up fast, with Cycling UK estimating that commuters can save over £3,000 a year when switching to a bike even for short daily journeys.

But there are also other great advantages to leaving the car at home; regular cycling promotes good mental health, boosts your energy levels, and puts a spring in your step through improved physical fitness. What’s more, bikes purchased through a cycle to work scheme don’t have to be used just for commuting so you take advantage of amazing value leisure riding too.

How it works

Woman riding a hybrid city bike in an urban location

In financial terms, cycle to work is a ‘salary sacrifice’ scheme. The cost of the bike and accessories comes out of your wages before tax and National Insurance are deducted. Depending on the rate of tax you pay, this allows you to save between 23% and 39% on the cost of your bike.

Red Kite Cycles partners with a wide range of cycle to work schemes to offer you incredible savings on your new commuter bike.

With the Allant+ 5 electric hybrid bike, for example, you could save between £800 and £1,150 off the sale price depending on your salary – keeping more money in your pocket. So effectively, you pay around £2,000 for bike that’s worth over £3,000! 

There are number of cycle to work schemes. Below are the ones we accept:

If your employer’s scheme is not one of these, please contact us via phone or email as we may be able to register and supply you with a bike.

Remember the total saving you can make depends on the specific scheme you are registered with and your level of salary and tax status.

Buying a bike using the scheme

  1. Find out which scheme your employer supports.  If your employer doesn’t offer one, suggest they do.
  2. Come to the shop and choose the bike and accessories you’d like.
  3. We will then give you with a quote. To speed things up we will take a refundable deposit to activate your order.
  4. Submit your quote to your employers’ scheme
  5. When your quote is approved, you will receive a certificate or a voucher.
  6. When your bike is ready, come in and collect it, bringing with you the certificate or voucher.
  7. Take your new bike home and start riding!

If you’re interested in switching up your travel routine, Red Kite Cycles stock a range of models suitable for your new commute. Why not take advantage of this great incentive and get a new bike today!

Call us on 0121 745 2617 or visit our Shirley store.