Brompton Bikes

The best folding bikes in the world. Made in the UK. Simple.

These little bikes are designed to change your life. Brompton have decades of R&D, refinement and experience behind their bikes, and today you can buy one of these fantastic bikes at Red Kite Cycles. Besides its sprightly ride, the Brompton is known for its rapid, tidy and compact fold – a small amount of practice will have even the techno-phobes unpacking their bikes in under a minute.

The Brompton is built around a uniquely hinged steel spar frame which has simple but ingenious suspension for added comfort. Each bike is a custom build with the new owner having a broad choice of options from colour ways and accessories through to gearing and handlebar design. With this much choice, the fun starts before you even get the bike. It’s a simple process: you come in to the shop, you go for a spin on one of these dinky masterpieces and you sit down with us and design your own personal piece of cycling origami.

The practicality of a Brompton is beyond dispute. They tuck away under stairs, desks or a cafe table; they slip into train luggage racks without a grumble; and they pop into the boot of a car taking the space of a holdall. Each ride on a Brompton is an occasion – not least because you know that you’re riding a ‘best-in-class’ bike.

Brompton Electric has arrived!

The world’s best folding bike just got a boost. Visit Red Kite Cycles to demo the bike and see for yourself.

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