Which Trek Road Bike Should I Get? Madone, Emonda or Domane?

Trek’s road bike range has everything covered, whether you’re looking for outright speed, a lightweight climber or comfort and endurance. If you’re thinking of upgrading or expanding your road line-up, read on to find out whether Madone, Émonda or Domane is the right bike for you. 

Trek Madone: Fast and Aero

Madone SLR 7 Gen 7

The Madone is Trek’s most aerodynamic road bike. It’s built for serious racers and riders who want the ultimate in speed and performance on the flat and more rolling routes. Madone is great for time trials, circuit and road racing or just going out for a blast on your favourite road. 

The new generation Madone made waves when it was unveiled last year, with the IsoFlow seat tube design attracting a lot of attention. This feature puts a diamond-shaped hole where bikes would normally have the tube, offering aero benefits, weight savings and similar ride-smoothing benefits as the IsoSpeed decoupling technology. Trek Madone has a more aggressive geometry than the Domane, meaning it is a bit lower and longer at the front of the bike, putting you in a more aero position so it cuts through the wind and allows you to carry far more speed. Madone is our pick for riders who prioritise pure speed and performance over comfort and climbing. Prices for the latest ‘gen 7’ Madone range from £10,200 for the Madone SLR 7 which comes with electronic 2 x 12 Shimano Ultegra Di2 drivetrain and Bontrager Aeolus Pro 51 carbon wheels (see photo) all the way up to £14,500 for the incredible Madone SLR 9 AXS. However, it is still possible to snap up bikes from previous generations for less, including the Madone SL 6, which is available in our sale at £4,250. 

Trek Émonda: Nimble and Lightweight 

Emonda SL 6 Disco Pro Di2

The Trek Émonda is a nimble lightweight bike, designed for quick response and for outstanding performance on the climbs. The Émonda ALR is Trek’s lightest aluminium bike, but if you’re really looking for weight savings, it’s got to be an SL or SLR model, with the 500 Series OCLV Carbon and 800 Series OCLV Carbon frames, respectively. Both are light but the 800 Series is incredible, weighing in at less than 700 grams. Like the Madone, Émonda’s geometry puts the rider in a more aerodynamic position and the frame features aero styling too, all helping to minimise drag. The Émonda is a great choice for riders wanting a race bike that climbs brilliantly and is responsive around corners.

The Émonda ALR 5 Disc which is currently on sale at £1,980 features a great spec for the price and is perfect if you’re looking to get into racing.

The range tops out at the Émonda SLR 9 AXS at £12,950, which features the 800 Series OCLV Carbon frame, ultra-light Aeolus RSL 37 wheels and SRAM’s highest level RED AXS wireless electronic drivetrain. We think the Émonda SL 6 Pro Di2 is an excellent mid-range pick at £4,625.

Trek Domane: Comfortable and Versatile

Domane SL 6 Gen 4

The new Trek Domane is the bike for those who want to stay comfortable for longer road rides. When it was released, the latest generation Domane won the women’s 2022 Paris-Roubaix, one of the toughest and roughest terrains you will ever see a racer ride on, with over 90 miles of battering cobbles on the route, so it definitely has what it takes to compete.

Domane features Trek’s innovative IsoSpeed decoupler technology, which isolates the seat tube from the rest of the frame, soaking up the bumps, reducing fatigue and delivering an altogether smoother experience. It also has wider tyre clearance so you can run tyres up to 38c, depending on whether you’re sticking to the roads, taking on varied terrain or heading out on light gravel, which the Domane eats up easily.

This is the perfect bike for riders who are looking for slacker, more upright, stable geometry which is ideal for tourers and weekend explorers, wanting a more comfortable bike. The entry point to the Domane range is the AL 2 at £975, which is an excellent first step into the world of comfortable day-long riding, and it extends to the SLR 9 eTap at £13,400, the official Trek-Segafredo race team replica bike. We are big fans of the new generation Domane SL 6, that comes with 500 Series OCLV Carbon frame, rear IsoSpeed, powerful flat-mount disc brakes and 2 x12 Shimano 105 Di2 wireless electronic drivetrain which is priced at £4,800.

Which Trek road bike is for you?

Madone, Émonda and Domane are all excellent bikes, with their own strengths. Deciding which one is best for you obviously comes down to what kind of riding you plan to do. If you want the fastest, most aero road bike possible, then the Madone is a great choice.

The Émonda is another bike that’s favoured by people who want speed but the geometry better suits steeper climbs. Emonda is a great all-rounder for a lightweight bike for weekend racing and week-time club rides.

The Domane is the one for you if you want a road bike that’s still swift but also comfortable for longer days in the saddle and on rougher terrain. 

Come in and speak to our expert team if you need advice on which model and size is right for you. We have dedicated roadies in our team who would love to help. 

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