What exactly is a hybrid bike?

All you need to know about these versatile bikes

A hybrid bike is just as the names suggests: a bicycle that’s a mix of two different styles. 

The hybrid blends elements of a lightweight road bike with the practical style of a sturdy mountain bike. The result is a versatile all-rounder, that’s great for fitness, commutes and leisure riding both on roads and light off-road tracks. Hybrids are a great choice for beginner riders and for less strenuous riding.

What are the features of a hybrid?

Hybrid bikes have flat-handlebars to give you an upright position whilst riding. Their tyres are not as narrow as on road bikes nor as wide as a mountain bike tyre, making them good for a range of surfaces like roads and canal paths even in the mud. They also have wider saddles for comfort, so you don’t have to wear padded shorts. 

Some hybrids have suspension forks designed for riding on bumpier terrain. Others have rigid forks making them lighter and more suited to smooth roads and paths. Hybrids have disc brakes for confident stopping whatever the weather.  

You can mount loads of different accessories on hybrids: luggage racks, mudguards, kickstands, bottle cages, lights, computers and bells! 

What can I do with a hybrid bike?

The best thing about a hybrid is it’s super versatile. You can ride it in a range of environments, from the park, to streets, parks, canal towpaths or even lighter forest trails. Because you can fit all kinds of accessories, your hybrid can be customised to suit your lifestyle. 

A hybrid is equally happy as a commuter bike that will carry your gear, a leisure bike for riding with family and friends, a practical shopper for doing errands or a fitness bikes for faster, workout rides. 

Hybrid models at Red Kite Cycles

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Red Kite Cycles offer a range Trek hybrids that are popular with adults and teens and suit a variety of cycling purposes. 

Our range includes the lighter, sporty FX and the more rugged Dual Sport. Prices start at £515. 

To find the right hybrid for you, pop into the shop and speak to one of our expert team. We’ll find you the right size bike and in fair weather you can have a short test ride to try it out. You can also book a personal bike consultation below.