Powerfly 4 Sport Equipped: an e-bike for all terrains

An electric bike for the countryside and the city

Powerfly 4 Equipped combines the rugged capability of a mountain bike with the versatility of a city commuter bike. The reliable Bosch motor and battery will help you go further and faster without breaking much sweat.
Equipped with a suite of useful accessories—rack, mudguards, lights and kickstand, you can explore trails in the country or ease past the city traffic.

Lightweight frame & integrated battery

  • Durable aluminium frame holds a long-range 500 Wh battery.
  • Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system comes out without tools.
  • Battery sits fully inside the frame for protection

Powerful Bosch motor

  • Bosch Performance CX (250 W, 85 Nm) motor assists up to 20 mph.
  • Updated motor is smaller, lighter and even more efficient.
  • Natural pedalling feel with less drag when you’re not.

Easy to operate controller

  • Purion controller with Walk Assist for off-bike movement
  • Intelligent eMTB mode delivers the right power for the terrain

Accessories for all adventures

  • Useful range of pre-fitted acccessories
  • Kickstand for easy parking
  • Front and rear lights powered by battery
  • Mudguards and a sleek custom made rack