Beginners Pilates for Cyclists

Ride comfortably.

Enjoy your cycling more.

Feel better throughout the day.

We are bringing you a Pilates collaboration with an established and experienced teacher because we know how good it is for us.

Red Kite Cycles is launching a weekly online Pilates programme this autumn. We have teamed up with Jax Fitness to offer you this fantastic opportunity for healthy improvement under lockdown… Jax Tomlinson comes thoroughly recommended after already putting some of us through our paces. In these difficult times Pilates has been adding overall body condition to our fitness and cycling. And we think you will love the experience and benefits too. It starts with an introductory series of classes; and soon Jax will be offering classes for those more experienced in Pilates. It is fun, rewarding and has significant benefits.

We already know that cycling is great for aerobic and cardio exercise and a really sound foundation for sport and wellness; but adding in Pilates to your time on the bike brings low impact and sustainable exercise that will bridge the gap between cycling and everyday life. Improving core strength, flexibility and range of motion will improve basic everyday fitness and mobility to make life easier on and off the bike. Pilates focuses on quality movement, not quantity, something that makes it accessible to all levels of fitness. It is also great for helping to heal old injuries and preventing future damage.

When you sign up you will also gain access to a private Facebook group where Jax will give extra advice and support … this is a personalised service that is focused on cyclists and their particular needs. Jax will talk you through particular exercises and also help you adapt the programme around any particular needs, injuries, etc…

How to sign up and join in

Class times: every Wednesday @ 6.00pm

Dates: 14th Oct 2020 to 16th Dec 2020

Click here to book now with Jax.

Full Introductory Pilates Programme (10 weeks + entrance into the Pilates for Cyclist Facebook group)£60 for 10 weeks
If you join once the course has already started, you can purchase individual classes£7 for one session
Experienced program – dates and details to be announced soon

Classes are focused but friendly and work well online.  A quick, accessible, and affordable way to increase flexibility, get toned and feel centred.  I do Jax’s Pilates in addition to regular cycling and walking; it is the perfect combo!

Julia Jones

2 years ago, I started getting sharp pains in my lower rib area after weightlifting. My chiropractor recommended Pilates as a long-term solution.  Ever since I started doing Pilates regularly all the sharp pains have disappeared. I had a follow up session with the chiropractor, he was amazed at the difference, he said the issue has been completely resolved and I wouldn’t need to see him again.

Kyle Bentley

For information and advice
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