Free cycling kit and service labour to NHS workers

Unprecedented days mean that each of us needs to offer our support, whether as part of the NHS’s new volunteer brigade, or us as a bike shop…

Red Kite Cycles is partnering up with one of our main suppliers – Madison – to offer our much-stressed NHS workers an amazing service and kit bundle. In recognition of their efforts and the risks they face, and the debt we all owe them, we are offering free labour on all NHS staff servicing and also a bundle of goodies. That’s a jacket, a helmet and some new lights. The bundle is a minimum of £150.

To access this offer, all you lovely NHS people just need to call the shop and book yourself in. Telephone number for our workshop is 01217459047. Priority will go to the commuters amongst you, with the wellness and fitness riders also being looked after (they need their bikes to de-stress remember). This offer will run as long as our suppliers have stock of the goodies. And don’t forget to bring your ID! We will extend this offer to certain frontline key workers outside the NHS depending upon what you are doing. Can we say fairer than that?