Christmas bikes – get THE gift of 2020

The festive season is still happening … make the most of it with a bicycle!

Trek Marlin 6
Earn your mince pies with a bike ride
Trek Wahoo 20
Give them the gift of cycling!
Trek X-Caliber
Blue is a Christmas colour right?
Trek Dual Sport 3
How fast can you deliver presents?
Trek Powerfly Sport Equipped
Do you think Santa rides an electric bike?
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Christmas 2020 will still be celebrated even if we are not quite sure how. Lots of the things that we know and love about the festive season may not be available in the usual manner: like meeting up after work, like crowding into the Christmas Markets, like big family gatherings, or busying away in our local shopping centers, and much more. To be fair, we might not miss all of it, but Christmas 2020 is still going to be a chance to mark this strange year in a meaningful way. And what better way than with a bike – the definitive “must have gift of 2020”.

At Red Kite Cycles we have plenty of great bikes coming before Christmas. From kids to grown-ups and road bikes to MTB and electric bicycles, there is going to be plenty of choice for those that are swift. So don’t miss out on what is going to be the best thing that you can give to your loved ones (or even yourself) this year.

The bike is all about health, the outdoors, building fitness and starting 2021 with a positive attitude rather than a few mince pie crumbs tumbling down your Christmas jumper. Get a bike and upgrade your life.

Christmas 2020
This year it is not about what’s on the television.
This year it is not about the Play Station.
This year is not about eating until your eyes bulge.
…… this year it is about wellness, simple happiness and – if you’re lucky – it’s about the bike.

See in store or preorder online to get your bike for Christmas. We are here for free advice on what is best, and each of our bikes comes with proper service and backup

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