From ‘biggest loser’ to King of the Mountain

An epic tale of weight loss and cycling achievements

Dave and his medal

We’re always wow-ed by our customers’ cycling achievements and the stories they tell us about how they’ve transformed their lives. Our customer Dave is a great example.  

Dave decided to make some lifestyle changes back in 2018. At the time he was seriously overweight. He weighed 20 stone, wore XXXL clothes, and found himself out of breath just walking to the shops. 

So Dave decided to make some big changes. He overhauled his diet, ditching fatty foods and fizzy drinks and started exercising. It was hard work, but he stuck to it, with the support of his girlfriend Jane. 

And he began to see the results.

Dave before and after weight loss

In 11 months, Dave lost an amazing 7 stone, and by Christmas he could fit comfortably into a size medium at his new weight of 13 stone (see before and after photo of Dave in his Christmas t-shirt). 

After this success Dave set his sights on virtual cycling challenges. He signed up for the Race at your Pace and achieved a year’s worth of medals.

This success motivated him to choose a big cycling challenge.

As Dave’s mother, Carole – a keen cyclist, lives in Scotland, he decided they would ride the Loch Ness Etape together as mother and son.

The Loch Ness Etape is a chunky old route, 66 miles winding through stunning scenery with some challenging climbs. 

Dave completes Loch Ness Etape

Dave loved his first ever real life event. Understandably he found the King of the Mountain section tough going (it’s a 9km climb gaining 380m in height and at times with a gradient reaching 12%).

The high point was hearing the bagpipes playing at the summit.

Dave’s road bike had been fully serviced by the Red Kite workshop in readiness for the challenge, so he was assured there would be no mechanicals to spoil the day.  Comfort was important too, and Dave was delighted that Jake from our sales team measured him up for a comfy saddle that ensured he could really enjoy the ride. 

Dave has got the bug for cycling challenges. He’s entered next year’s 2023 Etape alongside his mum. He’s determined to get some more hill training in and pace himself this time. 

Dave said” “I’m so proud of myself. I feel like a totally different person.”

We say, massive respect to Dave for this epic personal success. Well done a hundred times! We look forward to hearing about his next challenge.