0% Interest-free credit available


Buying a bike just got a whole lot easier!

Sometimes you want to make your purchasing easier by spreading the cost. It can enable you to upgrade more easily or get on that new bike sooner. And it permits clearer budgeting too, with a clear sum coming out of your account each month.  And if we can make it even easier for you to do by making sure that you pay no interest, then it just gets better and better.

So, to make life easier, Red Kite Cycles has teamed up with V12 retail finance to offer affordable free credit terms for all our customers. The process is swift and easy to go through, with instant decisions coming from V12’s online service. What are the highlights?

  • No interest, no fees … just the price you see on the ticket. It’s that easy.
  • You can spend between £250 and £15000. That basically covers any bike we sell!
  • No need for any deposit – it can all be on our 0% finance facility.
  • You can pay a deposit up to 50% of the full price – so use credit facilities for just half of the purchase, if you want.
  • Payments can be spread over 6, 10 or 12 month terms.
  • You can use our credit facility to buy accessories, wheels, clothing, etc … not just bikes.
  • Instant decisions from the lender – 20 minutes maximum for the whole process.

Some examples for illustration might be as follows:

  • 2 children’s Wahoo bikes (£650 total for both) = £50 deposit and 6 monthly instalments of £100
  • Trek Procaliber MTB (£1300 total price) = £100 deposit and 12 monthly instalments of £100
  • Trek Domane SL6 (£3100 total price) = £700 deposit and 12 monthly payments of just £200
  • Bullfinch VX (£4500 total price) = £1500 deposit and 10 monthly instalments of £300
  • Accessories bundle of clothing, helmet, lights, wheels & tyres (£900 total price) = no deposit and 6 monthly instalments of £150

If you want to know more about how we can help you find and finance the right bike, then please get in touch with us at Red Kite Cycles on 01217452618 or email us at shop@redkitecycles.co.uk

*We are regulated by all the statutory retail credit laws and GDPR regulations, as are our finance partner V12 finance. If you should require further information about our services do please contact us. We will be happy to help.