Brompton Electric folding bike


An electric folding bike you can take anywhere with you. Fly up hills. See more. Do more. And arrive fresh and on time, every time. Charge. Unfold. Go.

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Every Brompton Electric uses the same frame and electronics. You can choose between a range of colours, two handle bar heights and different luggage options to suit your needs. You can choose between a “H” or “M” bar along with bag size.


Options are:

“M” type bar offers a neutral comfortable riding position for most people.

“H” type bar is for taller riders or anyone who wants a very upright riding position.

“Essential” bag is the smaller of the two and will come with every Electric Brompton. There is enough room to carry the charger or a phone and a set of keys, not much else.

“City” bag is optional. It has 20 liters of carrying capacity on as well as holding the battery.