Trek Emonda SL – upgrade and fit

This customer is a club rider who wanted to go faster. He already had an aluminium Trek Madone purchased from us perhaps two or three years ago, but felt it was time to take it all forwards. He stuck with Trek but moved over to the Emonda SL. This customisation is limited but high impact. We switched over to shorter cranks as part of the fit process, and put on a set of fast and furious new Mavic Cosmic Carbone wheels. Their unique rim surface gives the best carbon wheel braking available to mainstream riders; great for bunch riding when you are all at close quarters. The wheels are also super-wide rimmed, giving strength to add to aerodynamic excellence.

Our custom programme is not just about ground-up builds, it is also about taking standard bikes and making them right for you. Adaptations can include fit based changes to seatposts, cranks, saddles, bars an stems; equally you can add speed and dynamics to your ride with better wheels. Basically we call it a custom programme because that is exactly what it is. And this bike is just one example of our efforts.