Enigma Etape Disc – black painted

Sometimes our customers want to rationalise their selection of bikes. They might have ended up with a few older bikes adapted to the different purposes of winter, summer, knocking around, sportives, commuting, etc – and what they really want is to gain space in both their shed and their cycling brain. They want a go-to one-bike-super-bike – a single simple beast that can tour, race, lug, go hard, go easy and handle sunshine and rain in equal measure. When this happens a touchstone chassis for us is the fabulous Enigma Etape; it weighs like a race bike, has slightly tamed handling, and will take guards and a rack. Here we have a disc version of that bike. It is the total all-rounder and an ever more popular way to take full advantage of shed space and cycling head space.

So what do we have here exactly? An Ultegra mechanical disc groupset with a good broad range of gears, handsome high-end (but super tough) Mavic Ksyrium disc wheels, all hung on a dark anthracite grey metallic painted Enigma Etape frameset. It is a symphony of near-blacks, with the silver detailing on the wheel decals matching the raw titanium that still shows on the rear stays and through the logos on the frame. In short it combines bling and understatement in just the right measure. Can a bike’s quality shout quietly? If so, then this is it.