Bullfinch RC44 – raw speed

This is Bullfinch’s reference bike. What does that mean? It means it has the best kit on it that money can buy whilst being rugged and functional enough for riding throughout the summer. It’s probably not a winter bike … What it does is mark out the performance boundaries of what can be achieved with a modern steel chassis – and it is a remarkable riding bike. It is shown here out in Herefordshire and up in the Peaks at the top of Mam Nick (a mean climb for sure on a 36-25 gear!).

The finish is raw lacquer over the frame as it came out of the jig. It conveys the beauty of steel and fillet brazing, and the skill of the artisan frame builder. Componets were matched to the frame’s colour scheme, giving the bike a golden glow in the sunshine from wheels to chain, and chainset… it’s a visual feast.

The bike was built for Adrian from Red Kite Cycles, who is also founder and lead designer at Bullfinch Cycles. It features our “GT” geometry, where we tweak the feel of more traditional race bikes to give increased stability and confidence at high speed. Why? Because the owner is slow up hill and very fast down! So we wanted to build the best handling high speed machine that we could.

This one is rim braked – giving it lightness over disc braked bikes, and comes in at just over 7.5kg (less than 17lb). Its chassis harnesses the unmatchable speed of Enve 3.4 wheels, giving the rider every aid for top end speed and stability. The shifting system is Campagnolo’s Super Record EPS 11 speed electronic.