Bike Fitting Service

Nothing is more important than the right fit

Bike fitting is a recognised part of modern cycling and is a really good addition to “already successful” cycling.

Our specialist bike fit service will make your riding easier through positional gains, corrections and variations. It can eliminate niggles and pains that are due to poor posture, incorrect saddle or handlebar set up. A bike fit can also address injuries sustained elsewhere that come on when you’re cycling.

As experienced bike fit specialists, we work with the concept of a “fit window” rather than a millimetre perfect position. Because your flexibility will change subtly day-to-day, we look to optimise good fit for you on the bike. Our goal is finding you a position that works every day of the week and throughout the year.

Many riders have benefitted from our service. Some leave with minor adjustments while others gain more radical repositioning.

Our bike fit service comes free of charge when purchasing a custom built road bike from us. This means custom build bikes match not just your specification and performance standards, they are also mapped to your body.


Services and charges:

  • Cleat alignment for your current shoes – £15
  • Full bike fit with summary report and measurements to take away – £150

All bike fitting is by appointment Monday to Friday. Call us on 0121 745 2618 to book your slot.