Bike Fitting Service

Your bike should fit you like your favourite pair of shoes

Red Kite Cycles is home to experienced bike fit specialists who can make your riding easier through positional gains, corrections and variations. Bike fitting is a recognised part of modern cycling and can be a really good addition to “already successful” cycling whilst also being a helpful way of eliminating niggles and pains that might have arisen through poor posture on the bike or a combination of wrong saddle height or handlebar reach. Equally it can help address injuries experienced elsewhere that manifest themselves on the bike.

Many have benefitted from our services – some end up with more minor adjustments and tweaks whilst others get more radical repositioning. Further, our bike fit service is an integral and no-charge element of purchasing a custom built road bike from us – that means custom build bikes match not only the specification and performance standards that you want but they are also mapped to your body.

As experienced members of the cycling community who are also professionally trained bike fit specialists we work with the concept of a “fit window”. What does this mean? This means that there is not a millimetre perfect position for you, and that anything else is wrong; rather, we understand that from day to day and even throughout the day our flexibility and reach will alter subtly and therefore we are looking for optimising good fit on the bike. We are looking for a position that will work every day of the week and throughout the year. And as cyclists develop and perhaps get more in to their training, we are also used to re-fitting them as part of their development.

Red Kite short movie on bike fit


What we offer in terms of services and charges:

  • Cleat alignment for your current shoes – £15
  • Custom individually moulded shoe inserts and shoe cleat alignment – £75
  • Full bike fit with summary report and measurements to take away – £90
  • Full bike fit as above but also with custom shoe inserts – £150

All bike fitting is done by an appointment system that offers slots from Monday to Friday. We are rarely able to offer slots on Saturday due to time and space restrictions – we prefer to be able to offer our full and uninterrupted attention.