Tune your riding

Your bike should fit like a favourite pair of shoes …

As bikes come standard out of boxes they are sized for “norms” and averages. This still means that very serious research and development has been put in by the manufacturers and bike designers to create a bike that will fit people well in a given height range, providing them with a generally good tailored fit. But what if you are looking for something else in your bike-fit? Each of us is unique in posture, flexibility and limb length – and we may just require a tweak or two to the shape and balance of our bike and riding position.

Further, each of us has a different ‘engine’ in us, a different level of fitness, and may be heading for tougher terrain than the local roads and lanes. For such cases it might be more about adapting gearing and seeking efficiency out of your bike. Bikes are more adaptable than they initially appear and this is where we come in with our specialist experience and knowledge.

A bike can evolve with its rider, making both small tweaks and giant leaps:

  • See us for bike-fit advice – we are not from a smoke and mirrors school, but promote honest transferrable advice on comfort and efficiency.
  • Upgrade your riding position with new bars and a stem, pedals or a saddle – a perfect perch and reach is essential.
  • Have the right gear range for who you are and for the road you’re riding. Don’t struggle up hills or run out of gears when burning along the flat.
  • A frame swap will improve the heart and soul of your cycling experience – this is the centrepiece of your cycling and will dictate handling, feel and comfort. A swap is cheaper than a whole new bike.
  • Wheels and tyres change everything – talk to us. Rotating mass is the most important weight on a bike; understanding wheel stiffness and lightness is integral to getting the most out of your time on a bike. An easy upgrade for efficiency or comfort.
  • Cycling intelligence (GPS, computers, cameras, etc) can enhance your riding by providing a record of not just where you’ve been, but also how fast, at what heart rate and even including cadence (pedal revolutions) and altitude.

Our view of a cyclist is not just someone who buys a bike and rides off into the sunset. We believe that people’s needs and ambitions on a bike change – and we can provide the advice and experience to help you make progress. Call to arrange an appointment if you want to speak with us in detail.

CUSTOM BUILDS – As the relationship between rider and bike develops into one that can consume many hours, then there is much to be said for complete tailoring of a bike to yourself. The ultimate way to do this is with a custom build bike – we do this with CondorCervelo and Enigma, whilst also supplying the high end race frames from Specialized and Trek. Each of these bikes is tailored in the finest detail with respect to gearing, fit, frame technology, aesthetic style and more. Effectively each custom build bike comes with bike-fit, rider consultation and a personalised service that focuses our knowledge onto your riding. And your bike will be unique to you of course.