Kids’ Bikes

Specialized Hotrock Boys

Specialized Hotrock Boys’

Red Kite offers an excellent range of kids’ bikes to suit young pedalers from as early as two years old all the way up to their teens.  Carefully designed by Trek and Specialized, these models are the smaller siblings of the other impressive machines in the Red Kite Cycles fleet.

Our ethos

Sizing and fitting kids to bikes is an essential part of the process and we will try and get them on the biggest size they are comfortable on. This will give you the best value for money, and give them as many years riding as possible. It’s worth buying a bike that works properly and safely throughout all the stages that your child will use it. The build quality of all the brands we sell at Red Kite Cycles mean that the bikes go on for years if they are properly cared for and maintained by our skilled workshop team. This allows them to be passed on to younger siblings when they do eventually get too small without compromising on the quality that makes them a worthy purchase in the first place.

Our smallest bikes start with 12 inch wheels in both balance bike and stabiliser versions. The Specialized Hotwalk, is a super nippy, simple bike that teaches little ones to balance before they have to deal with pedals, brakes and gears. They get the hang of handling a bike so they can progress straight to a larger bike without stabilisers.  Alternatively, the Specialized Hotrock 12 has a similar chassis, but with pedals, brakes and removable stabilisers. Both make excellent first bikes, depending on the approach you want to take. They come in a range of colours.

The 16 inch bikes are a scaled up version of the 12 inch ones. With a coaster brake and stabilisers included, they are well equipped but still very simple and easy to ride. A popular choice is the Trek Jet/Mystic 16.

20 inch bikes are still available as single geared machines, easy for novice riders to get to grips with Trek make a 20 inch version of the Jet/Mystic. Most bikes we sell in this size tend to have gears, and often have front suspension as well. The Specialized Hotrock 20 has 6 gears, suspension and off-road style tyres. This allows kids to join the grown ups on some longer excursions.

The biggest child specific bikes have 24 inch wheels and have similar components to the adult mountain bikes. Trek make the Precaliber and Specialized the Hotrock 24. Both are capable off-road machines and are perfect for children who are confident riders but still just a bit too small for the bigger wheels.

As kids near the double digits, many fit on the smallest of the adult bike frames. This means that they have 650b (27.5”) or 700c (28”) wheels but with a very small, 13” frame. These bikes tend to last for many years as they have so much growing room, serving most kids well in to their teenage years, some even for life. Trek make the Marlin 5, a disc brake equipped hardtail capable of some serious off roading. The equivalent Specialized is called the Hardrock and both brands offer hybrid models that are better suited to quicker tarmac riding if this is the preferred style.

We always endeavour to keep a good range of sizes in stock, so pop in and we will be more than happy to fit them to one of our brilliant bikes.

12 inch:
  • Specialized Hotwalk – £120
  • Specialized Hotrock 12 – £150
16 inch:
  • Specialized Hotrock 16 – £180
  • Trek Jet/Mystic 16 – £190
  • Trek Superfly 16 – £290
20 inch:
  • Specialized Hotrock 20 – £250
  • Specialized Hotrock 20 Street – £250
  • Trek Jet/Mystic 20 – £190
  • Trek Precaliber 20 – £235
  • Trek Precaliber 20 Single Speed – £200
24 inch:
  • Specialized Hotrock 24 – £270
  • Specialized Hotrock 24 Street – £270
  • Specialized Hotrock 24 XC – £350
  • Trek Precaliber 24 – £260
  • Trek Superfly 24 – £330