Our Bike Brands

Red Kite offers bikes from a fantastic suite of companies, emphasising both global quality and UK design and build.

We are main dealers for Trek and Specialized – two of the world’s very biggest and certainly very best cycle brands: these two offer exceptional value and quality in road, mountain, hybrid and kids bikes.

We also back a selection of UK cycle brands to give you the very best of British design and build: Whyte for class-leading off road and hybrid rides; Brompton for folding bikes; Enigma for beautiful titanium; Pashley for traditional retro chic; and Condor for uniquely rideable road bikes and fixies in a host of styles and frame materials.

Red Kite is proud to be the exclusive retail partner for Bullfinch – beautiful custom steel bikes made a few miles down the road in Solihull, West Midlands. These locally manufactured machines are built from legendary Reynolds tubing and designed for riding British roads.

Choosing a bike is about matching your needs, expressing yourself and finding a bike that will keep you riding. At Red Kite we believe in giving time to the process of choosing; that means understanding who you are, what you want to gain from your investment in a new bicycle and fitting you properly to that bike. What the internet won’t give you is that personal dialogue and understanding of how you will ride and experience the road, the path and the trail: at Red Kite Cycles we pride ourselves on setting you fair on your journey with a machine chosen for your needs – it’s about the bike you want to ride not just about what we want to sell. Our range is selected to open your eyes and horizons beyond the expected.

More about our bikes: